Highspeed Internet for the Faringdon Town Center


At the start of this year Quidne IT had a discussion with the Faringdon Town Council (FTC) regarding the broadband speed in the center of town and that the center of town is one of the only places in Faringdon where you are not able to get highspeed fibre Internet. This was because of the proximity of the Telephone Exchange (located next to the Police Station on Pulling Close) to the houses and businesses.  The FTC raised this with our MP Ed Vaizey who raised this with BT. This has started as chain reaction with the result that Faringdon Town Center now has highspeed fibre internet.

Official Newsletter from the Faringdon Town Council

As part of the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire program, two fibre-enabled cabinets are now live and ready to take orders in Faringdon. 

This means that 276 residents and businesses in the parish will be able to request an upgrade to fibre-enabled broadband from a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In most cases, this means that residents can select a product offering download speeds above 24Mb/s following infrastructure upgrades made via the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire program.

The aim of the £30.1m program, funded by Oxfordshire County Council, Vale of White Horse District Council, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and BT, is to provide access to fibre-enabled broadband where this is not commercially viable without public sector investment.

The cabinet in the following location is now sporting a large sticker declaring, ‘Fibre broadband is here.’ This indicates that the cabinet is live and ready to take customer orders.


Faringdon Cabinet 11

Located on Pulling Close, standing opposite Thames Valley Police Station, 18 Marlborough Street, Faringdon SN7 7JP

This cabinet will serve the following 16 SN7 postcodes:
7BN, 7EA, 7EB, 7EZ, 7FQ, 7JA, 7JE, 7JG, 7JL, 7JN, 7JP, 7JQ, 7JR, 7JS, 7JW, 8SL

Faringdon Cabinet 12

Located on Pulling Close, standing opposite 14 Marlborough Street, Faringdon SN7 7JP

This cabinet will serve the following 12 SN7 postcodes:
7AA, 7AE, 7AF, 7AG, 7AJ, 7HD, 7HL, 7HP, 7HU, 7HW, 7JB, 8AD

Please note that improved broadband services are not turned on automatically. To access fibre-enabled broadband, please contact your chosen ISP or use comparison sites to find available packages.

There is a list of ISPs on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website

If you contact an ISP, please state that you wish to order ‘fibre-enabled/superfast broadband,’ otherwise they may offer you a slower broadband service.
Your chosen ISP should be able to offer any technical assistance to access fibre-enabled / superfast broadband.

It is also important to note, that not all premises within a postcode area will be necessarily be able to order superfast speeds (above 24Mb/s). Premises will be able to access a range of speeds – some will get superfast broadband and others will be able to get anywhere between 2Mb/s and 24Mb/s, depending on distance from the cabinet.