Before we can offer a solution,
we need to understand your business

Quidne is Latin for "Why Not". In 2008 when we started Quidne IT, we thought, 'why not provide the best value, reliable IT services to all our customers that we can?' This remains our mission today, and we will always aim to find the best value solution for your needs. That means that we will not make assumptions about your requirements.

Only when we are clear that we understand your needs can we help you to create an IT plan for your business. That plan must support your IT needs for today, and for your planned growth in coming years, with affordable, scalable solutions.

We will help you create an IT continuity plan, to keep your business running should the worst happen, and we can advise on which solution is right for your circumstances, and ensure that the chosen solution is tested to ensure it is functioning correctly.

We can work with you to identify performance bottlenecks, ensure your systems are protected from malicious attacks, and deal with any virus or malware issues that arise.

We can plan and implement new office IT Infrastructure, from initial planning and costing to roll-out, and create remote-access solutions via desktop computers, laptops, PDA's and mobile phones.

In short, we make sure your IT works for you. Why not contact us to meet and to discuss your needs?